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Pesticide poisoning is a commonly under-diagnosed illness. Health care providers generally receive a limited amount of training in occupational and environmental health, especially in pesticide-related illnesses. Clinical toxicology is a dynamic field of medicine; new treatment methods are developed regularly, and the effectiveness of old as well as new techniques is subject to constant review. Prevention of pesticide poisoning remains a much surer path to safety and health than reliance on treatment.

The purpose of this course is to describe the health hazards of pesticides to provide information to help applicators avoid accidental exposure or poisoning.

This course is approved by the California Department of Pesticide regulation (DPR) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for license renewal for QAL, QAC, Aerial and PCA licenses.

Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Know pesticide safety precautions during pre-application, post-application and during the application.
  • Understand safety guidelines related to entering a treated area.
  • Understand the importance and how to use PPE.
  • Know how to utilize first aid for pesticide poisoning.
  • Know how to prevent pesticide accidents.
  • Understand the information on pesticide labels to help prevent exposure and accidents.
DPR requires all courses to be reapproved each year. We are in the process of this review and courses will be available in the coming weeks with 2024 course IDs.